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At Neoversity, we lead children on inspiring educational journeys which give them the skills needed to build a brighter future. We give kids the space to explore their passions, whether science, technology, engineering, mathematics or the arts, in our warm, happy and inclusive learning centre. All our programmes, from after-school activities and private tutoring, through to holiday camps and even birthday parties, tap into the natural curiosity of your child and stimulate a life-long love of learning. By nurturing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills in young minds today, we ensure they realise their full potential tomorrow.

Our Programmes

Arts and Creativity

We’re delighted to invite children to explore their creativity to the fullest and feel the joy of producing art masterpieces in our warm, collaborative studio environment.


We live in a world dominated by technology, and our lives now depend upon it. Just think, your smartphone has more technology crammed into its tiny case than the Apollo 11 rocket which took men to the Moon.

Birthday Parties and Events

Celebrate and create at the same time! Our two-hour themed birthday party packages include a fun project led by an instructor, pizza and cake, and optional party goodie bags.

Private Tutoring

We’ve partnered with Forward Thinking Tutors to provide individual tuition for pupils of any age in all subjects and curriculums.

Why Neoversity?

Our people

All our teachers and programme leaders have years of experience and meet the highest possible quality standards.

Our community

Our children and parents love our warm, happy family-focused learning center in the heart of new Dubai.

Our philosophy

We don’t just cram facts but instead focus on developing those skills children will actually need in the future.

Our heritage

We belong to one of Dubai’s most reputable educational providers and are fully KHDA approved.

Helping Our Clients

“ Sarah is amazing! My daughter really struggled with maths and was not engaged in home learning. After just a few weeks with Sarah her attitude has changed and she now enjoys maths. She is excited for her tutoring sessions and to practice and share what she is learning. We feel so lucky to have found Sarah. ”

Father of Amani (Year 2)

“ I’ve been working with Sarah for tutoring for quite some time, and she is truly helping me start to love to write. I have her to thank for my success in my English class. I feel more confidence and I enjoy writing now. She’s always patient, kind and helpful. She makes learning fun. Thank you Sarah. ”


Grade 6

“ I wasn’t sure how online tutoring would work for me but I’ve been working with Voja for two months and I really enjoy the sessions. I find it just as easy to engage with him online as in person. ”


Year 9

“ My son has been with Forward Thinking for tutoring since he was 8 and now he’s 14. He really enjoys all the tutors he works with and I am so grateful that they manage to keep him at the top of his class. He is motivated and excited to go for tutoring week after week, year after year. ”


(Grade 9)

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