At Neoversity, we believe that young minds of today are the seeds from which we can grow great trees of tomorrow. That’s why we lead children on exciting and inspirational educational journeys during which they can explore their passions, develop new skills and get fully prepared for any future. Neoversity delivers fun and engaging arts, STEM, language and personal development programmes for 4 to 18 year olds. Everything we offer, from after-school activities and private tutoring, through to holiday clubs and even birthday parties is designed to fire up imaginations, build confidence, and flex creative muscles. In our warm, happy and inclusive environment children can unleash their potential, experiment without the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ and take the first steps to becoming life-long learners.


As the old saying goes ‘the only constant is change’, and these days that’s even more true. Just think, just a few short years ago, there were no mobile phones, no internet, no iPads: in other words, a very different place. This accelerating rate of change means that the workplace of the future will be a very different place, and that’s why we’re passionate about equipping children with the skills they need to cope in such a challenging, exciting future. Whatever the activity, we ensure your child will develop four vital future-proofing skills:

Future-proof your child


It’s no longer enough for children to repeat a list of facts – now they have to be critical thinkers who can analyse complex information. All our programmes are designed to help children become curious, flexible and open-minded learners. They’ll be smarter, more independent, and ready for the future.


When children collaborate, their confidence grows. Children make leaps and bounds in their learning journey as they seek help from their friends and realise that the sky’s the limit. That’s why we design collaborative classrooms which give children warm, friendly spaces where they can learn teamwork skills so vital for the future.


We teach creatively but also teach for creativity, because we believe that creativity is for everyone, not just artists, writers, and painters. It’s a way of problem-solving that helps you solve challenges at school, at work, in situation in life. Our safe, supportive environment lets children can play, become independent and take risks.


These days, children are often glued to devices for hours at a time. That’s why we emphasise communication skills. They are essential for learning, play and social interaction, and form the bedrock of future success. Our spaces foster communication and give children all the opportunities they need to fully express themselves.


Our Facilities

Our learning centre is in the Al Furjan Pavilion at the heart of the vibrant Al Furjan, a short drive away from the popular neighbourhoods of the Green Community, Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Islands and the Springs. Our classrooms are warm friendly places, packed full of all the fun and exciting learning materials which will always make your children come back for more. Specially designed with our learning philosophy in mind, our centre helps children to realise their full potential. Here are just a few images, but feel free to pop in anytime to take a look around:

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