Welcome to our January - March 2021 term

Our January to March 2021 programme leads children on inspirational educational journeys. For artistic kids, our Arts Clubs teach painting, drawing and crafting using different materials to create unique designs. Those interested in science can pick from our STEM Clubs which focus on robotics, coding, AI and maths. Parents wishing to prepare their kids for a globalised future can take advantage of our Arabic, French and Spanish Language Clubs. We also have innovative courses for young learners such as entrepreneurship, wellbeing and home learning support.

Arts Clubs

We’re delighted to invite children to explore their creativity to the fullest. So, come and feel the joy of producing art masterpieces in our warm, collaborative studio environment. We cater to children from budding new artists bursting with ideas through to highly-skilled artists. We help to channel children’s busy, curious minds onto a single concept using a variety of art techniques. And all our art classes are highly-practical…they let your child’s creativity and individuality burst onto the canvas (or whatever material we’re using at the time!). So, don’t wear your best clothing, as we plan on getting messy!


STEM and Coding Clubs

We live in a world dominated by technology, and our lives now depend upon it. Just think, your smartphone has more technology crammed into its tiny case than the Apollo 11 rocket which took men to the Moon. That’s why Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, or STEM for short, is just so important to our society now, and even more so in the future. Our STEM and coding clubs are created by passionate educators, scientists and engineers to provide unique, learning experiences that are fun and engaging while preparing your children for the future.


Language Clubs

In today’s globalised society, language is more important than ever. It’s not just a way of communicating, but a means of developing friendships, building business and understanding cultures. Knowing at least two languages is a definite advantage. This will set up your children to be the entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders of the future. The best time to learn a language is, of course, during childhood. Our kids language classes are led by skilled, experienced, native speakers. They are with students every step of the way on their journey towards stronger language skills and fluency. So together let’s prepare the global citizens of tomorrow.

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