Junior MBA

We’re proud to have partnered with Arcadia Education to offer the region’s first very Junior MBA programme for school aged. Do you want to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of your children and teach them about business? Then this programme is the one for you. Arcadia Education’s CEO, Navin Valrani, has designed the prgoramme to loosely follow a first year MBA. Mr Valrani is a graduate from the world-leading Wharton School of Business and the London Business School. So, contact us to discover more.


The Junior MBA is designed to deliver a Masters Business Administration inspired curriculum to primary school students. Every part of the course has been designed with young learners in mind, and is both comprehensible and engaging for budding entrepreneurs. Students will not only be equipped with financial literacy skills but also the essential tools of entrepreneurship that will serve them well into the future. Learning is based on stimulating discussions in class, which will develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills – all vital to academic and business success. The programme culminates in our young business leaders preparing and presenting a business pitch.


The Junior MBA programme was the personal creation of its founding teacher, Navin Valrani, Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO, who graduated from the finest business schools and currently leads a multinational conglomerate. There are four main modules. Entrepreneurship covers idea generation, company formation and corporate social responsibility. Marketing teaches the marketing mix, branding and social media while teaching vital skills such as preparing pitch decks and presentation skills. Finance includes fundraising, banking, venture capital and stock markets, and students get the chance to try live trading and real investments. Accounting teaches the all-important balance sheets, profit, revenue and expenses.

Putting theory into practice

The programme culminates with every student preparing and presenting an investment pitch around a business venture of their choosing. Students must come up with a business idea, research it and develop a presentation around it that covers the idea, the application of the marketing mix, how they plan to fundraise for the idea and the social impact the venture can create. Students are encouraged to look beyond their learning in the programme while preparing their decks. This is a unique opportunity for children to apply their learning and get feedback from real-life business leaders!

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