The advantages of Singapore Maths in Dubai

The advantages of Singapore Maths in Dubai

What is referred to as Singapore Maths in most other countries is, for Singapore, simply maths. In 1982, the first Singapore maths programme, Primary Mathematics, was published by Singapore’s Ministry of Education and for close to 20 years, this program remained exclusively in Singaporean classrooms. When Jeffrey and Dawn Thomas moved to the U.S. from Singapore in 1998, they found their daughter’s maths programme at her American school didn’t match up to what they had become used to in Singapore. They began to supplement her schoolwork with the Singapore maths method and wondered whether the program could be as effective for other schools in the U.S. as well as for home-schooling families. The couple incorporated the name Singapore Maths Inc. and began marketing what were to become best selling text books. So, what are the benefits of Singapore Maths?

Singapore Maths Doesn’t Follow Conventions

Singapore Maths approaches maths instruction in ways not common in most countries. This program was developed using the same approach followed by Singaporean students, who consistently demonstrate exceptional maths skills in global test rankings.

Singapore Maths Increases Conceptual Understanding

The study of maths has two main components: arithmetic (calculations) and mathematics (concepts and theory). While Singapore isn’t weak on arithmetic, it places a high value on conceptual understanding. A greater understanding of mathematical theory leads to fewer mistakes in arithmetic calculation. Rather than memorising and blindly repeating a series of steps, the Singapore-trained student understands why he or she is executing these steps. Since so much frustration in math stems from simply not understanding, a program which takes time to stop and explain why has the potential to dramatically reduce frustration.

Singapore Maths Strengthens Mental Math Skills

When you get acquainted with the Singapore Maths method as a parent, you quickly realise that this is how you’ve always done math in your head! While most of us use the familiar borrowing and carrying method on paper, very few of us carry out that same traditional borrowing and carrying process mentally. Instead, when it come to solving problems mentally, the vast majority of us use processes which group like numbers together very much like the strategies taught in the Singapore method.

Singapore Maths at Neoversity

We offer Singapore Maths classes every afternoon at our learning centre in Al Furjan. These are a great chance for your child to learn maths from expert teachers using processes that are proven to be the best around. Find out more.

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